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ZipSure is a modern, digital and convenient take on tenant insurance quotes and policies. Simply provide the relevant information, and our website goes right to work generating a custom solution, selected and purchased by you from the comfort of your personal computer or mobile device.


In collaboration with ZipSure , listing your properties in our intelligent quote creation software is as simple as providing the details requested by ZipSure . Once listed, each of your properties will automatically populate for registering tenants.

Why Do I Need Tenant Insurance?

To protect you, your neighbours and visitors, your personal property and your landlord!
  • YOU

    Tenant insurance is a requirement for most leases because it protects you, your visitors, your neighbours and your landlord in the event of an insured loss.

  • Your Neighbours and Visitors

    The law holds you responsible to pay for damage or injuries sustained by visitors or as a result of your accidents. Tenant insurance is there to defend you if you are accused of wrong doing that causes injury to someone else, and pay on your behalf if you are found to be at fault.

  • Your Personal Property

    When the unexpected happens, tenant insurance is there to help you find a temporary place to live, help cover your moving expenses and pay for costly unexpected new utility hook-ups. Tenant insurance can help you pay to replace your items if you suffer a break-in, fire or damage from a major storm.

  • Your Landlord

    Your landlord has a right to seek a judgement against you for any accidental damage you cause to the building, such as an accidental fire or water damage. Tenant insurance is there to defend you, and if the damage is found to be your fault, we will work with your landlord to repair and pay for the damage on your behalf.

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